Create a list of URLs, and share it with one link.



Easily share sites with your students, create lists of the best scientific articles, books to read, articles not to miss.



Share all your social media accounts, you blog, YouTube channel, Twitch channel,... all in one link.



You can easily share in a single link your articles of the month, or even the top 10 of your best articles.



Share a list of studies or works cited. Create a list of your works, or a list of your favorite articles.

Anyone can create a list

Whether you are a student, a teacher, a blogger, a journalist, you can create a list and share it with the world.


One link can lead to 100 others

Share you favorite courses online, Your top 10 best restaurants, The most important articles of the day, All with just one link.

screenshot of the list
screenshot of the list

Different ways to display your list

Want a nice looking list? You can display it in a card format with additional information like the description of your link.


A short link that fits everywhere

You want to share 30 links in a single Tweet? Multy will give you a short link that you can integrate anywhere, even on a paper printout: it's easy to remember!

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