Creating in less than 48 hours

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Side projects take time, and are often abandoned when they drag on. So I set myself a challenge, to complete a micro saas project in less than 48H.

First of all, what is It is a URL shortener, for multiple URLs. You can create and share multiple URL with your friends with only one link.

It is not a revolutionary concept, but the most important point to accomplish a project in such a short time is to be realistic about your capabilities.

Start small, grow big.

The most important thing when creating a site, in 48H or not, is the tech stack. We have incredible tools to create at lightning speed.

Here's what I used:

  • Nextjs for the frontend, which I've been using for over a year now and it allows me to do what I imagine in record time. I used their Routes API system so I didn't have to bother with a backend. Without NextJS, I would still be on it!

  • Another great tool, tailwindcss. I was one of those who doubted the usefulness of Tailwind, what a mistake. After forcing myself to use it for a few weeks, I can't do without it anymore and it greatly speeds up my workflow. The current design of the site doesn't pay tribute to what Tailwind can do, but it's definitely a tool that allows me not to tear my hair out with CSS.

  • For the DB, I used a new challenger, supabase_io. I was used to Firebase, and I hesitated to start on a tool I had never used before, but between registering and using it, it took 25 minutes. I think I would use Supabase instead of Firebase from now on.

  • For hosting, Vercel was pretty obvious with the intensive use of NextJS. Linked to Github, domain management and SSL, automatic build... 👍

Concerning the cost, everything I used was free, so the site cost 2€, the price of the domain name.

Creating a website in such a short period of time forces you to focus on the most important features. I struggled with that on previous projects where I procrastinated, making useless features, and trying to fix a part of the design no one cares about. With just 48 hours, you have to get to the point.

In the end I think it's a very good way to start a project, to get to the essentials quickly. It also allows you to keep building the site publicly, to get feedback from the start, ideas of useful features from the user.

To conclude, I would definitely do it again, maybe with the community, and who knows, create a IndieHacker Week-end challenge!